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5 - 8 Jan Hot Topics on Chemistry (Cuban Society of Chemistry)

11 - 18 Jan Studies field trip for a group of MA in International Tourism, University of Limerick, Ireland.

12 - 18 Mar Research Workshop organized by the Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy (InCHIP) of the University of Connecticut and the Cuban Society of Psychology.

1ro – 13 Aug Studies field trip for a group of the Institute of Geography, University of Hamburg, Germany.

25 - 29 Sept XL Meeting of ICOFOM / ICOFOM LAM. XXV Meeting ICOM LAC (International Museums Council)

30 Sept - 1 Oct Meeting of the Executive Council of the Caribbean Studies Association

4 - 7 Oct XIV Centroamerican and Caribbean Congress of Alergy. V Iberoamerican Meeting of Alergy. IX National Congress of Alergology. “Cuba Alergy 2017”. (Cuban Society of Allergy, Asthma & Clinic Inmunology)

23– 27 Oct XI International Scientific Convention of Central University “Martha Abreu” from Las Villas

31 Oct Workshop on Tourism Safety and Wellfare, organized by the Faculty of Tourism, University of Havana and Tourism & More Consulting represented by its President Dr. Peter Tarlow.

1 Nov I Seminary of Tourism Research. Faculty of Tourism, University of Havana

11 - 19 Nov Apiculture: Cuban Beekeeping Experiences, organized by the Cuban Agricultural Trade and Export Company

19 – 25 Nov International Conference INURA 2017 (International Network for Urban Research and Action)

19 - 23 Mar 13th International Meeting on Political and Social Studies (Latin-American and Caribbean Historians Association & Faculty of Philosophy and History, UH)

4 – 8 Jun 43rd Annual Conference of Caribbean Studies Association

14 - 20 Jun Training for students and professionals psychologist form Dominican Republic (Foundation for the development of Psychology in the Caribbean & Cuban Society of Psychology)

9 – 12 Oct 33rd Latin-American Congress on Chemistry (33 CLAQ) (Cuban Society of Chemistry)

28 – 31 Oct CIETCUBA 2018: 4th International Convention on Tourism Studies (Faculty of Tourism, University of Havana)

9 - 17 Nov Apiculture: Cuban Beekeeping Experiences, organized by the Cuban Agricultural Trade and Export Company

15 – 17 Nov EMNet 2018: 8th International Conference on Economic and Management of Networks (University of Vienna, Austria)

19 – 24 Nov HOMINIS 2018: 8th Intercontinental Convention on Psychology (Cuban Society of Psychology)

29 Nov – 2 Dec Studies field trip for a group of the Pan-American of Highest Studies (CEPES – México)

11 - 17 March PSIQ CUBA - 9th Cuban Congress of Psychiatry PSIQCUBA 2019

22 - 26 April CIbSE 2019 - 22nd Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering

10 - 15 June Ernest Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament

24 - 28 June HOTELTUR - IX Taller Internacional de Hotelería y Turismo

July 8 to 13 IMASUB 2019 - International Underwater Photography Competition

July 15 to 19 CIPCUBA 2019 - Inter and transdisciplinary psychology. Strengthening collaboration in the Americas

July 20 to 28 AMHE 46th Annual Medical Convention, Essential in Medical Practice